Stephen Baldwin urges Christians to overlook Trump's 'p*ssy' grabbing: He's just a 'really fun guy'
Stephen Baldwin (Fox and Friends)

His brother is taking a withering turn imitating Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live," but Stephen Baldwin backs his old boss on another NBC program, "The Apprentice."

The Republican presidential nominee was caught on tape boasting about sexually assaulting women with impunity, and the former reality TV star reportedly has said even worse things on unaired recordings -- but Baldwin said that's not what he remembers.

"My observations of Donald Trump behind the scenes during 'Celebrity Apprentice' were a guy who is really fun, and a family guy working with his kids," Baldwin said Tuesday on "Fox and Friends." "I actually got to see a guy who was pretty relaxed -- and fun."

The actor and reality TV contestant urged Trump supporters not to be "distracted" by the GOP nominee bragging that he could get away with grabbing women's genitals without consent because he was rich and famous.

"You've got to stay focused on the direction of the country, and who is better qualified to take us in that direction," Baldwin said. "If you ask me, it's Donald Trump."

He challenged evangelical Christians not to back away from Trump despite his admission that he tried to have sex with a married acquaintance shortly after his own third marriage, along with his celebration of sexual violence.

"I'm hoping that all of the Christian base out there will be praying for Mr. Trump, praying for vice president Pence and all, yeah -- keeping our focus on what's important," Baldwin said.