Stephen Colbert needles insecure Trump by praising Pence: 'Did you see the size of his hands?'
Stephen Colbert (CBS)

Stephen Colbert tried to set off Donald Trump's petty jealousy by heaping his running mate with praise.

The "Late Show" host pointed to reports that claimed Mike Pence did so well during Tuesday night's vice-presidential debate that he overshadowed Trump -- which could anger the real estate developer and former reality TV star.

"As much as I disagree with Donald Trump, the last thing I want is for the guy to feel like he's being overshadowed," Colbert said.

He said Trump was a sensitive man, and his feelings could be hurt if Pence draws too much praise after his debate performance.

"It might push Trump over the edge," Colbert said, as the audience hooted. "But then again, Mike Pence -- pretty great guy. Pence is just a strong, rock-hard specimen of a man. You look at him, and you think world leader -- and did you see the size of his hands? They're massive. Definitely the hands of a man who could keep a wife."

"I bet he could do some amazing deals," Colbert continued. "We all know Donald Trump's a genius, but Mike Pence might be the kind of genius who doesn't lose a billion dollars. I trust Mike Pence so much I wouldn't even want to see his taxes."

"Someone should give Mike Pence a TV show," Colbert added. "Does Mike Pence sell any hats? The point is, it was a big, big night for the Pence-Trump ticket. I'm sorry -- I meant it was a huge night for Donald Pence. I mean, for the guy who lives in Pence Tower."

Watch the entire segment posted online by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert: