Susan G. Komen Foundation under pressure to cut all ties to Donald Trump
Donald Trump meets with Miss USA pageant contestants in 2012 (Screen cap).

GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump's campaign has taken a hit this past week over sexual assault allegations — and now his businesses are too. Last week, reports surfaced that the Republican nominee's DC hotel had been negatively impacted by his sinking campaign.

On Monday, several women's health organizations have spoken out and parted ways with the Palm Beach, Florida Mar-a-Lago Club when hosting fundraisers and other events.

The president of the National Organization for Women, Terry O’Neill, told STAT, "I would strongly urge that the organizations reschedule their events."

She added, "I would also say that at the very least, ensure Donald Trump personally would not be around when the event takes place, because women are at risk."

Since the Washington Post released an Access Hollywood tape where Trump can be heard bragging about grabbing and kissing women without consent, at least 17 women have voiced similar allegations of sexual harassment and assault against the real estate mogul.

The Susan G. Komen Foundation, a breast cancer research non-profit has scheduled an event at the estate in January 2017 but is under fire and increased pressure to change venues.

Nancy Brinker, who is the founder and chair of Global Strategy for the Komen Foundation endorsed Trump earlier this year. However, the foundation's ties to Trump are not the first time it has come under fire.

[Editors note: According to Andrea Rader, senior director of Communications at Komen Nancy Brinker "stepped down from her paid position in 2015 and has been on leave from our board of directors since June 2016"]

In 2012, the foundation cut funding for Planned Parenthood, suggesting the split was for regulatory reasons, though perhaps instead offers insight into the foundation's conservative politics. Many women's groups are unconvinced that Komen should continue business with Trump businesses. NOW and other women's organizations have called on Komen to "reschedule their events."

While some women's organizations have maintained that holding fundraisers at the Mar-a-Lago is not political, others suggest the opposite.

Cindy Pearson of the National Women’s Health Network told STAT, "Mar-a-Lago is so closely associated with Donald Trump and the Trump hotels and the Trump brand, that when Mr. Trump himself is at the center of a storm around his admitted words [about women] and the accounts of his behavior, it is political, whether the organizations like it or not."

It's absolutely political for a women's health organization to be complacent in Trump's gross mistreatment of women by continuing to support his businesses — even if it's "just a fundraiser."