'Talk to your friends at the KKK': Black Lives Matter protesters confront Bundy fans at celebratory BBQ
Bundy supporters in Portland -- (Screen grab)

Fans on the Bundy brothers, who were acquitted by a jury on Thursday, held a celebratory barbecue on a Portland street late Friday only to have a local group affiliated with Black Lives Matter confront them resulting in a shouting match and the burning of an American flag.

According to Willamette Week, police in Portland cleared the street in front of the courthouse where the Malheur occupiers faced trial, allowing people to congregate on Friday.

A group of Bundy supporters set up camp in a park across from the courthouse, waving flags,  barbecuing, and milling around only to be confronted by protesters representing local group "Don't Shoot Portland."

Tensions flared as one of the protesters wrestled an American flag away from one of the Bundy boosters and set in on fire, with one Bundy supporter shouting, "Thou shall not steal!"

Protest organizer Glenn Waco can be heard responding, "If you have a problem with burning crosses, why don't you talk to your friends at the KKK and all these white supremacist organizations, then?"

Tensions wound down as one of the Don't Shoot Portland protesters told the Bundy fans, "Elites are putting us each others throats. We're fighting the same battle," which was greeted by applause.

Police reported no incidents as the groups dispersed.

Watch videos below uploaded to YouTube: