Trump biographer: He's not trying to win — he's using donors to build an audience for Trump TV
Mike D'Antonio (CNN)

Donald Trump hasn't done much to win over new voters in the last month, and has instead seemed to focus on strengthening support from his base.

The Republican nominee's poll numbers have plunged since the first presidential debate, and he reportedly -- and apparently -- skipped preparation work for the next two, as well.

He's pushed conspiracy theories about election rigging and threatened to plunge the nation into a constitutional crisis if he doesn't win, although his campaign failed to put together a ground game in the states he most needs to win.

According to one of his biographers, Trump isn't even trying to win the election -- and is instead using donors' money to build an audience for Trump TV.

"I don't think the goal now is to win," said Michael D'Antonio, author of "Never Enough: Donald Trump and the Pursuit of Success." "I think the goal is to establish his media empire, and he's building an audience on the dime of his political donors."

Trump has bragged that he has built his business using "OPM," or "other people's money," and D'Antonio said that's what he's doing now, in the last weeks of his presidential campaign, to invest in his next venture.

"The whole 'other people's money' thing in real estate?" D'Antonio said. "He's using other people's money now to create his brand as a media mogul."

D'Antonio said he's not the least bit surprised that Trump has threatened not to accept the election results if he loses.

"This is a guy who plays games and pulls stunts," D'Antonio said, before taking a shot at the former reality TV star. "This interview is rigged, because you have coffee and I don't."