'Trump was so bad, he made the dog throw up': Ohio GOP chair's wife can't stomach Sunday's debate
Donald Trump speaking during the second presidential debate (Screenshot)

While Donald Trump's core supporters seemed to love last night's debate performance, it seems that he did little to win over voters who weren't already with him headed into Sunday's showdown.

If you want an example of the problems Trump is having with college-educated women, for example, look no further than Kate Borges, the wife of Ohio Republican Party Chairman Matt Borges.

As the Cincinnati Enquirer reports, Borges found herself completely repulsed by Trump's assertion that his comments about grabbing women's genitals were just "locker room talk."

As she watched Trump's answer in disgust, the family dog just happened to vomit in the house.

"Trump was so bad, he made the dog throw up," she joked as she was cleaning up the mess.

Borges says that what initially turned her off to Trump was the time he made fun of a reporter's physical disability, which was particularly hurtful to her because her own daughter is autistic.

"I don’t think he respects women," she told the Enquirer. "I don’t think he respects anybody."

The Enquirer notes that while her husband was cheered by Trump's stronger second debate performance, he also realized that Trump did little to attract new voters beyond his core base.

"I still think it’s on life support," he said of Trump's campaign.