Van Jones mocks ‘Trumpty Dumpty’: He ‘slipped on every banana peel and every marble on every stairway’
CNN contributor Van Jones.

Van Jones said Donald Trump had a nearly comical inability to avoid pratfalls -- and that would likely cost him the election.

The CNN commentator said Monday morning on "New Day" that Trump gave a "meaty and substantial" speech over the weekend in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, but he obscured his policy proposals with an off-the-cuff threat to sue the various women who have accused him in recent weeks of sexual assault.

"That's all we've talked about," Jones said. "You have a messenger who continues to step on his own message."

Jones, a Hillary Clinton supporter, said he's glad that Trump can't stop sabotaging his own campaign.

"Had that speech been heard, he might have picked up three or four points," Jones said.

CNN's Alisyn Camerota said Clinton's message has largely been that Trump is unfit, so she's not surprised that Jones is happy the Republican nominee can't stay out of his own way.

"Given the fact that Donald Trump has managed to slip on every banana peel and every marble on every stairway the entire summer and the entire fall, that's all she has to do," Jones said.

He said Clinton's policies and ideas were being drowned out by Trump's insistence on making himself the center of attention.

"Nobody's listening to that anymore because Donald Trump has made himself the issue from the beginning, and now he's thrown himself down the stairs," Jones said. "He's gone from Trumpzilla to Trumpty Dumpty."