WATCH: Angry Joe Biden brutally blisters Trump over veteran PTSD insult -- 'Where the hell is he from?'
Vice President Joe Biden - YouTube screencapture

Campaigning for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in Florida, an emotional Vice President Joe Biden tore into GOP nominee Donald Trump for saying some vets suffering from PTSD "just can't handle it."

"Where in the hell is he from?" Biden said at a campaign rally before adding, "No no no no. This is deadly earnest."

Biden then related the story of his late son Beau who served a tour of duty in Iraq as well as what another soldier who served told him when the VP attempted to pin a Silver Star on him for bravery.

"When I went to pin it on him in front of the entire brigade he stood and looked at me and said, 'Sir I don't want the medal. I don't want the medal.' You know why? He said he died. 'He died Mr. vice president I don't want the medal,'"said Biden, before angrily yelling," How many nights does that kid go to sleep seeing that image in his head, dealing with it?"

Watch the video below via YouTube: