WATCH: Chaos breaks out at Trump rally as reporter tries to interview alt-right Holocaust denier
Angry Trump supporters at Nevada rally (Screencapture)

A man who claimed to represent the alt-right racist movement behind GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, was shouted down by fellow Trump backers who then turned on the reporter who was attempting to interview him Wednesday afternoon in Nevada.

According to KITV, Brady Garrett, 25, was holding up a sign during the Nevada rally that said "Research Holocaust Revisionism" before eventually being hustled out of the rally by security.

In videos posted to Twitter, Garrett can be seen in the midst of an interview, claiming the Holocaust "did not happen they way we have been told it happened."

"The Nazi's did not intentionally gas six million people, I do not accept that," he is heard saying before being shouted down.

Garrett and the reporter are immediately surrounded by other Trump supporters outraged at the interview.

"Bullshit, man," one man can seen yelling. "Why are you interviewing him? Interview somebody else. You're not speaking the truth for us. You go speak for somebody else!"

Another Trump supporter then jumps in to shoutl, "Why doesn't the media focus on the average Trump supporter, not this crazy fool?"

As Garrett is hustled away, two female Trump supporters push their way in front of the camera, with one woman exclaiming, "I don't care what color they are, they love America. This guy is an idiot. And how dare this press push that!"

Watch the videos below via Twitter: