WATCH: Furious Charles Blow explodes on Corey Lewandowski after being called a 'hypocrite'
CNN contributor Corey Lewandowski and New York Times columnist Charles Blow -- (CNN screen grab)

New York Times columnist Charles Blow reached his limit with Donald Trump advocate Corey Lewandowski Tuesday night, furiously attacking him after the former Trump campaign manager called him a "hypocrite."

Appearing on a panel with host Don Lemon, Angela Rye and Scottie Nell Hughes, Lewandowski criticized comments made by Vice President Joe Biden saying if he was in high school he'd like to fight Trump.

According to Lewandowsky, "If my child did that, I'd be called to the principal's office."

That was when Blow jumped into the fray.

"I love the fact you're opening the door of who said what best for children," Blow lectured Lewandowsky. "But also, if your son said that he was going to grab a -- one of the girls in class by the vagina, he would also be taken to the office. That is called sexual assault. Please don't get that confused. If your son made fun of a handicapped classmate, he would also be called into the office or expelled."

"So you'll excuse the vice president because you're such a hypocrite-- ", Lewandowsky shot back -- and then it was on.

"First of all, don't call me a hypocrite, right? Because you obviously don't understand -- you don't understand what the meaning of that word is if it comes out of your mouth," Blow said with his voice rising. "I'm not going to call you names.  The moment you start calling me a hypocrite about anything on national TV -- you don't have space, Corey!"

Speaking over Lewandowsky, Blow continued, "I don't know what your role is. I don't know what your function is. I don't know if you're working for the Trump campaign. I don't know what comes out of your mouth and to what degree, but the moment you start with the personal attacks you're going to get it right back!"

As an added bonus, Angela Rye got in a fair amount of shots at both Lewandowsky and Trump, complimenting the Trump booster for working with a "grown-ass man" who brags about assaulting women.

Watch the video below via CNN: