WATCH LIVE: Trump holds rally in Virginia Beach after threatening to sue his sex assault accusers
Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures during a campaign rally in Tampa, Florida, U.S. June 11, 2016. REUTERS/Scott Audette

Making the trip from Gettysburg, where he made waves by announcing he would be suing all the women who have accused him of sexuality assaulting them, Donald Trump is holding a rally in Virginia Beach at Regent University.

The GOP candidate spoke in historic Gettysburg Saturday morning and caused a stir with his threat of lawsuits that overshadowed his policy proposals should he become president.

While the beginning of Trump's "Gettysburg Address" was tightly scripted, his outdoor rallies tend to be more freestyle with the candidate playing to the crowd.

According to polling site 538, Trump has a 6.7 percent chance of winning Virginia's 13 electoral votes.

Watch the video below via YouTube: