WATCH: Secret video reveals Trump boasting sex assault allegations will help him win White House
Donald Trump, Jr with Donald Trump and Eric Trump (Joseph Sohm /

Most presidential candidates would prefer to not talk about sexual assault allegations leveled against them -- but as we've seen time and again, Donald Trump isn't like most presidential candidates.

In a video that was secretly recorded last weekend, Trump tells supporters in Maine that he relishes the opportunity to talk about accusations made by multiple women against him. Why? Because he believes they're so obviously false that they'll only help his presidential campaign.

As the Bangor Daily News reports, Trump started off by noting that many of his advisers had warned against him talking in depth about the allegations because they don't matter as much as the issues he's running on.

"To me, it matters," Trump said. "I don’t want to mention it for a whole speech, but I want to mention it for a paragraph. These are liars. This stuff never happened and people are finding out that it didn’t happen and I think it could actually inure to our benefit."

Trump then said that it's "disgraceful" that his accusers are allowed to make allegations against him, and that he believed the charges would create "a backlash against the media and against Clinton."

In reality, Trump's standing in the polls has only deteriorated further in the past week -- RealClearPolitics' poll average has him down by seven points, while the Huffington Post's average has him down by eight points.

Check out the full video below.