WATCH: Woman at Pence rally calls for ‘revolution’ if Hillary is elected
Mike Pence grimaces as he discusses an issue. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

During a Mike Pence rally in Newton, Iowa on Tuesday, one voter was up in arms over Hillary Clinton and the electoral process.

Citing Trump hysteria that the elections are going to be rigged and that there is a serious chance of voter fraud at the polls, the voter named Rhonda, who introduced herself as being "on social media all day, everyday nonstop since last June" called for a revolution if Hillary won the election.

Rhonda told Pence, "One of the biggest things I can tell you that a lot of us are scared of is this voter fraud. There's a lot of us saying that when we go to vote, we're gonna wear red. Our lives depend on this election, our kids futures depend on this election." The room gently applauds.

She continues, "And I will tell you, just for me, I don't want this to happen but I will tell you for me, personally, if Hillary Clinton gets in, I myself, I'm ready for a revolution." Pence quickly responds, "No, no don't say that."

Pence's establishment politics are showing, and they are the exact opposite of the Trump campaign's message. Over the last year, Trump has recklessly circulated the idea that this election is surely rigged and that he alone can save the American people.

The media is not on his side, the Clinton campaign is fighting him with insults, and the polls absolutely need to be monitored for voter fraud, according to Trump.

However, one good, hard look in the mirror, and the GOP nominee would know there is nothing rigged about his chances. But that's not the right narrative and Trump has built a movement of outlier support from the fringes of this country.

If Trump goes down in November, he's taking Clinton, the Republican party, and the electoral process with him. On Tuesday, the GOP nominee went after House Speaker Paul Ryan on Twitter calling him "weak and ineffective," and slamming members of the Republican party who have dropped their support for him as "disloyal."

He then tweeted how he was finally free of his "shackles" and said he was going to "fight for America the way I want to." If that's the case, then what has he been doing the rest of this election?

One thing is for sure, if Trump is going to burn the GOP to the ground, then it's Pence's job to silence the revolution.

Watch the clip below starting at 46:18.