'Who cares!': Trump-backing congressman loses his cool when told the public wants to see Trump's taxes
CNN's Briana Keilar, Rep. Chris Collins (R) -- (CNN screen grab)

One of the earliest lawmakers to back the campaign of eventual GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump ran into a buzz saw of questions Monday afternoon when pressed about nominee's apparent failure to pay income taxes.

Repeatedly insisting, "who cares!" over and over again, New York Rep. Chris Collins (R) attempted several spins on the blockbuster New York Times report showing Trump lost over $900 million in 1995, when host Brianna Keilar pointed out that the overwhelming majority of voters want to see Trump's taxes.

After Keilar pointed out that the public may have been paying more taxes than Trump, Collins attempted to dismiss their concerns.

"The public at this point doesn't care about Donald Trump's taxes any more than they care about Bill Clinton's affairs," he began before the CNN host immediately cut him off.

"Can I stop you there congressman," Keilar replied. "Because polls actually reveal that they do. In fact an overwhelming majority of people say that they believe candidates should release their tax returns. A majority believe Donald Trump is hiding something by not doing it."

After Collins replied, "We can agree to disagree," Keilar reined him in again and displayed a poll showing a stunning 73 percent want Trump to release his taxes.

Collins explained that everyone, himself included, attempt to pay the minimum amount of taxes possible, with Keilar once again shooting him down saying Democratic nominee Clinton actually did not take all of her deductions.

Things went off the rails later, with Keilar continuing to hammer Collins with questions over why Trump won't release his taxes to clear up the questions, with Collin's loudly insisting, "Who cares!" over and over again.

Watch the video below via CNN: