Bernie Sanders tells The View: Little girls are scared to death in Trump’s America
Bernie Sanders on The View (Photo: Screen capture)

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is furious about the incidents of children and people of color being bullied all over the country.

"Here's what is not acceptable," Sanders said Monday on "The View." "This country has struggled too many years to fight against discrimination. And the fight against bigotry and sexism. We are not going to accept a president trying to divide us up. We have little girls, who wear 'kerchiefs, who now are scared to death that somebody is going to be picking on them. Our enemies are not some Latino guy, some Mexican-American working in a tomato field making $9/hour. Those are not our enemies and I don't want millions of people being worried today about families being separated. I've seen too much of that. We're going to fight against sexism, racism and xenophobia."

When it comes to policies, Sanders said that he is happy to work on the issues that he and Trump share, but only if he sticks to the campaign promises he was making on the trail.

"When Mr. Trump says he's going to be for the working class, you know what, we've got to hold him accountable," Sanders said. "We're going to list all the things that he said. You want to raise wages? Hey, count me in! We've got a starvation wage of $7.25 an hour, let's raise that wage."

Sanders went on to talk about equal pay for equal work, infrastructure and fixing our trade issues. At the same time, Sanders wants to know why we have such high costs associated with pharmaceuticals and why the United States can't negotiate the way other countries do. He noted that Trump once touched on it, but will he do anything about it is another question.

Sanders acknowledged that we have racists and sexists in the United States, but the larger issue is that there are people in the middle class who are hurting. At the same time, he reiterated, that those at the top are the ones benefiting.

He's not sure if he would have been the winner were he to be the Democratic nominee. But he doesn't much care, he wants to move forward and suit up to fight for the values that progressives care most about.

Sanders acknowledged that having Reince Priebus as Trump's chief of staff is a normal pick, as he's a conservative leader. However, when it comes to Steve Bannon, Sanders said it should "make us very nervous."

He noted we've been struggling with issues of discrimination for far too long. "Hopefully, we have made some progress, in making this country a less discriminatory society. And I will be there if we're going to go backward and try to divide this country up again. We're going to bring our people together. We're going to tell Mr. Bannon and any of his other advisors, we're not going to turn on each other. We're going to be standing together. And the wealthiest country in the history of the world, to fight for a government and a society that we want."

Sanders channeled his campaign trail spirit and noted that the majority of Americans support policies that the alt-right likes to call liberal. They want to see the minimum wage increased, they want a better infrastructure, equal pay, paid family leave and affordable, guaranteed health care for everyone.

He also noted that what FBI Director James Comey did was wrong to get involved in an election. At the same time, he thinks that regardless of what Clinton would have done and how much she cared about the working people, she didn't sell it. Sanders hopes that the Democratic Party can work to talk to those Americans that are losing in the economy and explain their policies in detail, not in 30-second sound bytes.

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