Bigots vandalize a South Philly building with pro-Trump, pro-Nazi images
Pro-Trump, pro-Nazi imagery on a South Philly building (Twitter/Shana Knizhnik)

An abandoned building in Philadelphia was vandalized Wednesday morning with pro-Donald Trump and pro-Nazi symbolism, the Philly Voice reports.

In one image, a swastika replaced the T in Trump’s name, another featured the German phrase “Sieg Heil” (“Hail victory”)—a phrase popularized in Nazi Germany. Philadelphia police Public Affairs Officer Christine O’Brien said detectives respond to the location in South Philadelphia after receiving a call about the graffiti.

Cosmo Baker, a South Philadelphia DJ, told the Philly Voice he and a friend phoned authorities after seeing the images on a Facebook post, calling the vandalism a hate crime.

"I think the messaging was very clear," Baker said. "(Whether) it was malicious intent or stupid kids who wanted to be provocative, it still has the same effect.”

Baker also said he contacted the Anti-Defamation League about the images.