Colbert rips Comey for trying to toss election to ‘sexually ravenous, shambling, orange baby-man' Trump
Late Show host Stephen Colbert -- screen grab

Late Show host Stephen Colbert joined in the pile-on of FBI Director James's Comey's interference in the presidential election with his ill-advised letter to Congress on Monday night.

Recapping what transpired since last Friday, when Comey's letter to Congress about Weiner's laptop became public, Colbert said, "So this is it. E-mails could tip the election in favor of a sexually ravenous, shambling, orange baby-man."

Colbert then posed the big question about the suspect emails.

"What do they say?" he asked. "These emails must be explosive to defy the longstanding policy of the justice department that discussing investigations could taint the results of an election, now a mere eight days away. They must be packed with damning revelations, incontrovertible evidence of malfeasance, abuse of office, and unprecedented levels of corruption. so what does the letter say?"

According to the letter: "The FBI cannot yet assess whether or not this material may be significant."

"Sooooooo nothing," Colbert said, before sarcastically adding, "Or everything! That's like a captain yelling 'All hands on deck! Head to the lifeboats at some point, maybe. I have no further information!'"

Watch the video below via CBS: