Fundraiser quickly nets $18K for Michael’s worker berated by crazed Trump fan
A Trump voter berates shoppers and employees at a Michaels in Chicago (Screen cap).

A black employee at a Michael's arts-and-crafts store in Chicago is receiving an outpouring of support after a video of her being berated by an angry Donald Trump fan went viral earlier this week.

NBC 5 Chicago reports that Jessie Grady, the woman who filmed and posted the Trump supporter's tirade online, has started a GoFundMe page to raise money for the employee and to thank her for her grace and professionalism while being called an "animal" by the angry Trump voter.

As of this writing, the page has raised more than $18,000 from over 1,200 donors, an astonishing amount that is well past the original goal of $400.

"All proceeds from this gofundme will be given to this employee, who has three children, to try to make her busy holiday season brighter," Grady writes on the page. "In the current climate I believe it’s very important that we go out of our way to treat each other with dignity, kindness and politeness, and that we stand up for each other when we see people being mistreated."

Michaels, meanwhile, thanked people in the community for delivering "outpouring of support for our Chicago-based team member" and praised the employee for working to resolve the situation "without further escalation."

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