'ISIS, stop it!': Trevor Noah unveils Trump's grand plan to defeat ISIS
Trevor Noah (Screengrab)

During his Monday night Daily Show segment, Trevor Noah touched on a few very important things that the country needs to consider moving forward in the wake of our new president.

First, we don't know much about Donald Trump or his policies. We don't even know what the 'J' in Donald J. Trump stands for.

Second, Trump is just now realizing that his life is going to change tremendously, after spending nearly two years in a race for the White House.

Mocking Trump's '60 Minutes' realization that "This is a whole different life for me now," Noah said, "Now you know how we feel Donald. You're really surprised that the job of President of the United States of America is mildly different from selling real estate and meat?"

Third, Noah touched on Trump's important call to his supporters on Sunday night to stop attacking people — Trump staring into the camera and demanding them to "stop it" —  and suggested that maybe it will be one of his policy platforms moving forward.

"Donald Trump is truly a genius, people," Noah explained. "'Cause I can tell you, whatever I was doing while I saw this, I stopped."

"Maybe that's his secret plan to beat ISIS. He's just going to look into the camera and say, 'ISIS, stop it,'" Noah continued. Turning to another camera, Noah, mocking Trump, said, "Illegal immigrants, stop it."

"I think it's nice that Donald Trump denounced hate crimes performed in his name," Noah explained. "But why do I feel like he's going to find out what it's like to tell someone to stop but they still keep going?"

And when it came to Trump's beloved wall that he talked about over the course of his entire campaign, Noah questioned Trump's willingness to accept a fence in certain areas instead.

"Excuse me what?" Noah started. "Did that guy just negotiate himself from a wall to a fence? What happened there? ... Humpty Dumpty's like 'What the f*ck, Donald! I can't sit on a fence! I'm not Paul Ryan!'"

Watch the full clip below.