Kurt Eichenwald blames 'petulant' protest voters for Trump win: 'I hope you bathe in your shame'
Kurt Eichenwald (CNN)

Kurt Eichenwald, the Newsweek reporter who worked tirelessly to warn voters against Donald Trump, is furious at everyone who cast third-party votes in protest of their choices.

"Elections are not a game. They are not an exercise in narcissism," Eichenwald said in a Facebook post. "They are serious business about who you want to have lead the country. Everyone knew, that was going to be Trump or Clinton. If, somehow, you didn't see the difference between them, you are a fool."

Eichenwald, who exposed Trump's lies and shady business dealings in a series of bombshell reports, lashed out at "petulant, whiny crybabies" who planned to sit out the election or cast "protest votes" because Hillary Clinton was nominated over Bernie Sanders.

He holds no animosity toward anyone who voted for Trump despite his and other reporters' revelations, but Eichenwald feels "utter contempt" for protest voters and abstainers because Trump likely would have been defeated if turnout had matched 2012 and Jill Stein and Gary Johnson voters had backed Clinton.

"Each and every one of these people supported a Trump presidency," Eichenwald said. "That is fine, if that is what you wanted. If not, I hope you bathe in your shame for the next four years."