#NotMyPresident protester yells 'Grab Donald Trump by the p*ssy' -- and Megyn Kelly's face is priceless
Megyn Kelly (left) -- Fox screencapture)

An attempt to interview a #NotMyPresident protester out in the street in New York City didn't go the way Fox News producers may have wanted when the man yelled "Grab Donald Trump by the p*ssy!" before laughing and walking away.

Megyn Kelly was not amused.

During the interview the protester was asked why he turned out with thousands of others to rail against the choice of President-elect Donald Trump.

The man who identified himslef as Anthony, began by saying, "I don't think Donald Trump is representing me," before looking into the camera and blurting, "Grab Donald Trump by the pussy," and smirking as he walked away.

The Fix reporter gave a rueful look to host Kelly in the studio and complained about his inability to have a "civil conversation," as a smoldering Kelly could be heard making "mm-hmm" sounds.

Watch the video below via YouTube: