'Run them over!': Conservative 'free speech' protesters rage at college students who burned US flag
Conservative protesters at Hampshire College on Sunday, Nov. 27 (Screen capture)

A group of Donald Trump supporters and conservative veterans converged on the campus of a Massachusetts college on Sunday to call for the arrest of students who burned a flag and to protest the school's decision not to fly the U.S. flag in the wake of Trump's election victory.

"Lock them up! Lock them up!" chanted the protesters, who claimed they were there in support of the First Amendment, but seemed less than pleased that the students had exercised their own right of free speech.

After Trump's election, university officials chose to fly the U.S. flag at half mast as a sign of national mourning. When some in the community were outraged, Hampshire took the flag down altogether.

Some students burned a U.S. flag in protest of Trump's victory. Since then all flags on campus have come down.

“The flag had become a heated symbol that was making that more difficult,” said university president Jonathan Lash to CBS News. “We really feel our community needs a conversation in which both sides listen to each other, and we wish the nation would have that kind of dialogue. We felt that if we could stop arguing about the symbol, we could get to the underlying issues.”

At the protest on Sunday, some students tried to block access to the campus.

"Run them over!" shouted one protester.

At another point, a protest leader urged the rally-goers not to give students "middle fingers" while on campus.

"We are better than them," he insisted. "We are better than them."

Watch videos from the protest, embedded below: