Samantha Bee dismantles 'white pride curious' Donald Trump and his alt-right 'Jew-baiting' fanboys
Full Frontal host Samantha Bee -- (TBS screen grab)

Monday evening, Full Frontal host Samantha Bee took a long look at how GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump bigoted base and wondered, "How exactly did America's wall-building, Muslim-banning, birther-in-chief become the darling of the racist fringe?"

Showing clips of Trump repeating, "I'm the least racist person you have ever met," Bee shared another clip of a black Trump fan being escorted from a rally, before adding, "Is that your black friend there? The one you called a thug and threw out of your rally this weekend because you assumed he was a protester?"

"They must be escorting him to a private blacks-only meeting with Trump about how not racist he is," Bee suggested.

According to the TBS host, Trump has been catering to the so-called alt-right due to the influence of CEO Steve Bannon, calling him,  "Trump's current campaign commandant, the guy who feeds them and makes sure they can spread out enough so as not to drown in their own shit."

Bee then took a stab at identifying what exactly the alt-right is.

"Basically alt-right is a big tent, or a big rock, under which which creeps a diverse assortment of paleo-conservatives, men's rights misogynists, right-wing populists, anti-p.c. crusaders, Jew-baiters, white-ethno nationalists, southern secessionists, Islamaphobes, Holocaust deniers, self-described satirists, trolls, doctors, cyberbullies and good old-fashioned neo-Nazis," she ticked off.

"Today's American white nationalist isn't just gathering with other local dickheads for backyard cross burnings and barbeques," she continued. "He's on the internet, networking with other dickheads throughout the world -- or at least the white parts of the world."

Watch the video below via TBS: