Stephen Colbert: 'This is what it feels like when America is made great again --- and it sucks'
CBS host Stephen Colbert -- (CBS screen grab)

A very subdued Stephen Colbert got right to the point Wednesday night as the knowledge that Donald Trump is going to be the new president began to sink in.

"I am so glad to be with you tonight." the Late Show host began. "I wouldn't want to be alone right now, you know. And if you'll be there, I'm not going anywhere, alright?  What is it, four years? Four years? We've got four very interesting years in front of us."

"Walking around the streets of New York today, a lot of people were a little, you know, you could see it in their eyes," he explained. "There's no way around it.  This ..... this is what it feels like when America's made great again. And I was wondering,  and I was really hoping it would feel better, because this suuuuuuuucks."

Watch the video below via CBS: