The wife of America’s biggest cyberbully just told America to stop cyberbullying — and the internet is pounding her
Donald and Melania Trump (Shutterstock)

Melania Trump spoke Thursday at a rally in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, insisting her husband Donald Trump has “deep love and respect” for all Americans.

In a relatively standard political stump speech, the wannabe first lady discussed her upbringing in Slovenia and immigration to the United States. But at the end of her address, Melania raised more than a few eyebrows, un-ironically lamenting a culture that “has gotten too mean and too rough.”

“We must treat each other with respect and kindness, even when we disagree,” the former model insisted.

Considering her husband’s personal Twitter feed is a catalog of insults levied against basically anyone who’s not Donald Trump, the Internet jumped on Melania’s tone-deaf address.