Utah man tells neighbor boy to ‘get out of here n****r’ — then attacks kid’s dad with stun cane
Mark Olic Porter

A Utah man shouted racial slurs at a neighbor boy and then shocked the child's father with a "stun cane" when he came to his defense.

Mark Olic Porter was charged with third-degree felony aggravated assault, class A misdemeanor assault against a police officer, misdemeanor interference with an arresting officer and intoxication after the Nov. 3 incident at his Draper apartment building, reported KSL-TV.

Witnesses said the 57-year-old Porter was "loudly making racist comments to another neighbor's child" as the boy rode his scooter in a common area of their apartment complex.

The boy's father heard Porter tell his son "get out of here, n****r," and he approached his neighbor and told him not to speak to his child that way.

Porter then reached over a railing and struck the other man with a stun cane.

The man received a shock from the weapon but was able to wrestle it away from Porter, police said.

Officers arrived a short time later and found Porter at his apartment, and he told police the other man had stolen the cane.

Porter, who police said smelled of alcohol, struggled with officers and knocked a body camera off one of their uniforms.

Police said Porter continued to yell at officers and threatened to defecate in the back of a patrol car on his way to jail.