Video catches students shouting 'white power' while marching with Trump sign at Pennsylvania school
Students at York Vo-Tech hold a Donald Trump campaign sign (Facebook/screen grab)

The news that Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential race reportedly incited racial slurs and assaults at one vocational school in Pennsylvania.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, York NAACP President Sandra Thompson revealed that she had been receiving reports of students at York Vo-Tech "being spit on, attacked, and called names because of their race or perceived Immigrant status."

One concerned parent provided video of students at the school holding a Donald Trump campaign sign while shouting "white power."

The group "Parents of York County School of Technology Students" said on Facebook that members had received reports that "Trump's presidential win was announced at school today amidst chants of 'white power.' That white students referred to other races as their slaves, and at some points even spit on those students."

"I think we should all have a chat tonight with our students, whether they were participating, appalled bystanders, or victims," the group recommended. "This whole situation is absolutely horrible."

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Social media accounts collected by WHP indicated that the racial tensions had caused fights at the school. One student said that she had her breasts grabbed by another student who claimed "it was his right."

The school confirmed to WHP that the incidents were being investigated.

Schools in Michigan and Minnesota also reported racial incidents this week related to Donald Trump's election victory.