WATCH: Keith Olbermann lays out the links between Trump and Russia -- and it's incredibly damning
Keith Olbermann -- (screen grab)

Mixing quotes from GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump praising Russian strongman Vladimir Putin with recent reports about contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia, commentator Keith Olbermann suggested that there is an inevitable logic that something is going on that deserves scrutiny.

Comparing Trump to the main character in "The Manchurian Candidate," Olbermann noted the similarities of life imitating art.

"The plot quickly lines up behind a kind of inevitable logic," Olbermann explained. "Once you buy into the premise that not the fictional Soviets of 1962, but the real life version of the post-Soviet Russians of 2016, would go to any length to influence who becomes president of the United States."

"The kaleidoscopic chaos of Donald Trump's fever-dream of a campaign also quickly lines up behind a kind of an inevitable logic," he continued.

Olbermann went on to make his case in what he called, "The Trump-churian Candidate."

Watch the video below: