WATCH: Rob Reiner worries 'profit center’ media won't cover Trump critically because he's good for ratings
Rob Reiner -- MSNBC screen shot

Filmmaker Rob Reiner took the television executives and political reporters to task for their coverage of Donald Trump on MSNBC Saturday morning, saying they're more interested in making money than subjecting the president-elect to serious scrutiny.

Appearing on AM Joy, Reiner told host Joy Reid that political reporters continue to treat Trump as if he is an entertainer and that their bosses are fine with it because it adds to their bottom line.

"You look during the primary battle, he got free media," Reiner explained. "He could call into Morning Joe anytime he wanted. They chatted away, like he wasn't a serious candidate, a celebrity good for ratings. I will never forget what [CBS head} Les Moonves said, 'Donald Trump is bad for the country but good for CBS.' That to me is very very cynical."

According to Reiner, things are not going to get better when it comes to covering Trump's continuing involvement with his business when it comes to dealing with foreign governments.

"All these journalistic precepts are out the window," he continued. "It's very very scary. We're about to give him a free pass again. he is going to break -- you had a guest on earlier, painter, who said basically he will break the emoluments clause and run afoul of the U.S. Constitution. What will happen? Will we let that go?"

Watch the video below via MSNBC: