Bad blood? CNN panel wonders if bromance has soured between Trump and Rudy Giuliani
Real Clear Politics editor Sally Stoddard on CNN panel (Screen capture)

On Friday, CNN reported that former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has not only withdrawn his name from consideration for Secretary of State, he has also asked that he not be considered for any cabinet position in the new administration whatsoever.

CNN's Jake Tapper called the decision "curious."

"Rudy Giuliani said he only wanted Secretary of State," said Susan Page of the Washington Post. "It's clear that he meant it."

Trump's and Giuliani's statements on Friday gave him some means to "save face," she said.

Tapper said that he had heard that Giuliani might have difficulty getting confirmed because of his "business entanglements all over the world" editor Amy Stoddard pointed out that these conflicts of interest are "the same kind of things that Donald Trump criticized Hillary Clinton for during the campaign. It would have been a very difficult thicket for him."

But why, she asked, if he's been out of the running since Nov. 29, why have Trump's surrogates continued to float his name?

Zito pointed out that the last time Rudy made any public appearances was around Nov. 29 and since then he's been "radio silent."

Page noted that it would be ironic for Trump's biggest campaign defender, Giuliani, to get beaten out for the Secretary of State appointment by Trump's biggest campaign critic, Mitt Romney.

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