CNN panel tears into Jeffrey Lord for jaw-dropping claim that 'there are no people of color' in America
CNN panelists Maria Cardona and Jeffrey Lord -- (CNN screen grab)

During a CNN panel discussion on a speech to be given at Texas A&M University by white supremacist Richard Spencer, political analyst and Donald Trump defender Jeffrey Lord set off a firestorm after claiming "there are no people of color in this country."

Lord began by dismissing Spencer and his white supremacist followers saying they have nothing to do with Trump's campaign despite their well-known affinity for Trump's racist rhetoric.

"This guy [Spencer] is so far on the fringe of American politics. He has nothing do with Donald Trump. I don't care how much he talks about it. And Donald Trump doesn't want anything do with him," Lord said.

Addressing Trump's vague disavowal of the white nationalist movement that supports him, it was pointed out that "People of color who are watching take a different perspective--" only to have Lord interject.

"There are no people of color in this country, "Lord bluntly stated. "There are only Americans."

Panelist and Clinton supporter Maria Cardona then unloaded on Lord.

"Jeffrey, the reality is the following," she began. "You as a white American have had a very different experience in this country than me as a Latina. I'm sure people do not come up to you to say you should be deported, your children should be deported because they're anchor babies."

After a smirking Lord told Cardona, "Your party has yet to apologize for slavery," she continued saying Trump needs to address racism head on.

"Until he does that, you will have Latinos, African-Americans, Muslims, everybody who felt degraded by his campaign say he is not the president of them," she stated.

Watch the video below via CNN: