Colbert rips Trump for ducking intel briefings: ‘He treats them like I treat Pottery Barn emails – unsubscribe’
CBS Late Show host Stephen Colbert -- (CBS screenshot)

CBS Late Show host Stephen Colbert introduced a new segment on Friday night, breaking down for viewers how President-elect walks the thin line between what is the"norm" for presidential behavior, and what is a law that he appears to be skirting.

As Colbert notes, Trump is conducting his pre-presidency on his own terms, continuing to refuse to release his tax returns and ignoring other precedents that Americans have come to expect from the so-called "Leader of the Free World."

Most disturbing is the fact that Trump reportedly is blowing off security briefings with intelligence officials.

"It's crucial for the commander-in-chief to be updated about threats around the world, but so far Trump has been opting out of them," Colbert explained. "That's right. He's just opting out. Donald Trump is treating our national security like I treat emails from Pottery Barn. 'Stop nuclear proliferation? Click-click -- unsubscribe.'"

Watch the video below via CBS: