Furious ‘Morning Joe’ demands apology from Michael Flynn over ‘trail of crap’ he left on Twitter
Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

"Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough called on Donald Trump's choice for national security advisor to apologize for all the anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and other "crap" he's posted on his personal Twitter account.

Gen. Michael Flynn's social media activity has turned into a major story after a gunman inspired by "pizzagate" conspiracy theories promoted by Trump ally Alex Jones' InfoWars fired gunshots inside a Washington, D.C., pizzeria.

Those bogus reports, which Flynn's son referred to in tweets, accused Hillary Clinton and a top campaign aide of running a child sex ring out of the back room at Comet Ping Pong.

"He has left a trail of crap behind him with retweets, retweeting something about Jews, retweeting something about Muslims, retweeting fake news," Scarborough said. "He needs to clean this up. He needs to step up and clean this up."

Scarborough, his voice rising and pounding his fist for emphasis, demanded an apology from Flynn, although he didn't call on Trump to withdraw his nomination.

"He needs to apologize to Americans," the MSNBC host said. "He is in one of the most important positions in the White House. On Jan. 20, he needs to apologize for what he has done, unrelated to this fake news story but with the other fake news stories, the retweets about Jews, the retweets about Muslims."

Panelist Mark Halperin, a senior political analyst for MSNBC and Bloomberg Television, agreed.

"It shouldn't just be, 'I'm sorry,' or, 'I was careless,'" Halperin said. "He needs to explain all of this in a way that's detailed, because again, he's not subject to Senate confirmation. He's about to have a very big job. He's not responsible for his son, but he's responsible for himself."