'It's on!': Tom Arnold claims Trump lawyers are threatening to sue him over 'Apprentice' tape claims
Actor Tom Arnold (Screen cap).

Comedian Tom Arnold caused quite a stir earlier this week when he talked about tapes he purportedly has of Donald Trump making wildly offensive comments during his tenure as host of The Apprentice -- and it seems he's got Team Trump's attention.

On Twitter Wednesday, Arnold claimed to have received a voicemail from someone in Trump's camp threatening him with a defamation suit over his claims that he has tapes of Trump spewing racial slurs and calling his own son a "retard."

Rather than being intimidated by this threat, however, Arnold welcomed it as an opportunity for the entire country to see how Trump has treated people over the years.

"It's on!" Arnold said. "Open Apprentice vaults for discovery! Miss Universe too!"

Given how much information such a lawsuit could potentially reveal on the president-elect, it will be interesting to see if his legal team really pursues it against Arnold in the coming months.