How did Donald Trump win this year's presidential election? There's not one reason or cause, but it seems that some Hollywood executives might be feeling some pangs of regret right now.

A new report from Vanity Fair reveals that the Clinton campaign's efforts to get people in Hollywood to hand over damning outtakes of Donald Trump filmed during his time as the host of The Apprentice were never successful because nobody thought Trump would actually win the election.

"Two days before the election, one entertainment executive with ties to Clinton contacted someone in the industry who had said he had a copy of a tape depicting Trump that could create problems for the then candidate," the publication writes. "Would this person be willing to pass him the footage to give to the Clinton campaign? Since the latest poll numbers indicated it was clear Clinton would win the election... this person didn’t want to risk it."

This wasn't the only incident where people in Hollywood who had dirt on Trump got cold feet when asked to produce, either.

Vanity Fair's sources claim that reality TV mogul Mark Burnett was reluctant to leak out damning footage of Trump shot during The Apprentice because he feared it could hinder his ability to get future stars to agree to work on his shows.

"Burnett has been able to persuade countless minor celebrities to come on his shows with the implicit promise that he would never make them look bad," the report notes.

Earlier this week, comedian Tom Arnold claimed that he had recordings of Trump using racial slurs and calling his own son a "retard," but has said he didn't release them in part because he wasn't sure how much of an impact they would have made.