Rob Reiner: 'Puppet' Trump's election is an invasion of the US by a 'hostile foreign power'
Director and activist Rob Reiner (Screen capture)

Director Rob Reiner said on Sunday that the election of Donald Trump by dint of Russian aid represents an "invasion" of the U.S. by a "hostile foreign power."

Reiner expressed bafflement to MSNBC's Joy Reid that so many in the media and political establishment seem to be complacent in the face of what would appear to be evidence that the Russian government tampered with our election by personal order of Pres. Vladimir Putin.

"What's important right now -- and we cannot lose sight of this," Reiner said, "is that this is the most important thing that's happened in this country -- way beyond Watergate, way beyond Iran-Contra."

"We have a hostile foreign power that has invaded our country," he said. Just because there aren't enemy bombs exploding or mayhem in the streets, "Make no mistake about it. We were invaded."

The intelligence agencies and director of national security, he said, have all agreed that it was the Russians who "did the invading" and that that their goal was to tip the election to an unqualified political neophyte who Putin could use as a "puppet."

"How far does that invasion go?" Reiner asked. "Was Donald Trump colluding with the Russian agencies? We don't know this."

Watch the video, embedded below: