'This is forensic! It's indisputable': Former CIA operative slams Trump for dismissing Russian hacks
Former CIA Operative Bob Baer (Photo: Screen capture)

Former CIA operative Bob Baer is shocked that President-elect Donald Trump and his Republican allies are ignoring what he calls "forensic information" and "computer DNA."

"I think he hacked the elections," Baer said of Russian President Vladimir Putin. "The FBI came out today and put out a report. This is forensic information. He manipulated our election and now he's manipulating our politics. The fact they didn't expel any American diplomats from Moscow and he turns around and says, 'Trump is just the man we can deal with,' this is just extraordinary."

Baer went on to say that he's never seen anything like this in his many years working in national security.

"And the fact that Trump has not reacted is incredible," he continued. "This FBI information is forensic. It is the same sort of evidence they send people to jail on. It is computer DNA. It is indisputable at this point."

CNN host Kate Bolduan remarked that it was interesting Baer laid out the argument that way because former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani questioned the evidence, claiming it might be political. Giuliani said that Trump will get his own team to look through the intelligence report given the politics or the possibility of the intelligence being wrong.

"It is going to be the same stuff," Baer explained. "But what Giuliani misses, this isn't intelligence. This isn't assessments. This isn't people trying to get into Putin's mind. This is forensics. It is DNA. And this is what they are all missing and it is every single intelligence agency in the United States government that this is just a fact."

He went on to say that even the FBI, which wasn't exactly friendly to Hillary Clinton, also agreed that this was Russia.

Donald Trump still has not received an intelligence briefing on this issue and refuses to do so until next week.

Watch the explanation from Baer below: