Trevor Noah is getting hammered for sending Tomi Lahren cupcakes -- here's his response
'Daily Show' host Trevor Noah imagines a meeting with Tomi Lahren on Sept. 22, 2016.

Last week, conservative Facebook video sensation Tomi Lahren went onto The Daily Show -- and got absolutely shredded by host Trevor Noah.

Despite this, Noah has decided that he wants to maintain a cordial relationship with her, and he even sent her cupcakes to thank her for being on the show.

This has upset some voices on the left, who insist that Noah is helping to legitimize a racial arsonist who has made a name for herself by hurling incendiary invective at groups such as Black Lives Matter and activists such as 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Writing at The Root, Yesha Callahan accused Noah of helping to "amplify" Lahren's voice simply because he found her attractive.

"So what does being a pretty racist get you?" she writes. "It gets you amplified. It gets you black men like radio host Charlamagne and The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah caping for you and trying to get you to change your mind about racism."

Aimée Lutkin, meanwhile, teed off on The Breakfast Club's Charlamagne for saying that he wished that more black or Latino activists were willing to work social media platforms like Lahren is to get their voices heard. Among other things, she said that such an approach wouldn't get nearly the results that Lahren gets because there's just a bigger market for people who want to hear negative things about minorities than there is for people who speak up for minorities.

"Lahren is popular because racism is popular," she writes. "We just elected Donald Trump as president of the United States! If people loves to hear about how America needs to change and become more diverse and accepting and end police brutality, we’d have solved a lot of issues by now."

Interestingly enough, Noah appeared on Charlamagne's show on Wednesday to talk about the backlash he's received for sending Lahren cupcakes after their contentious interview.

First, it's important to note that Noah has told TMZ that he didn't personally send Lahren cupcakes -- rather, it was members of his team.

But beyond that, Noah said he wanted to treat Lahren graciously because he knows it's hard coming onto another person's show where you face a hostile audience. He also said that it's simply important to have conversations with other people who don't agree with you, just to break out of ideological bubbles.

"It doesn't mean you have to agree, but at least you're in the world where you are hearing the opposing view," he said.

Noah also said that simply coming into contact with people of different races and having cordial interactions with them is one of the best ways to change someone's mind.

"These things take time," he said. "And one thing I've learned consistently... is racism does not stand up well to contact. And that is one thing I've noticed continuously -- anecdotally in my life, and in stories I've read. When people are in contact with someone of another race... you find that racism doesn't hold up."

Check out the whole video of Noah on Charlamagne's show below.