Watch Stephen Colbert and Joe Biden’s hilarious 'dad pep talk' with voters disappointed Trump won
Late Show host Stephen Colbert and best Vice President ever Joe Biden -- (CBS screenshot)

CBS Late Show host Stephen Colbert welcomed outgoing Vice President Joe Biden to his show Tuesday night, where the two faced the camera and had a heart-to-heart "dad talk" with Americans still shell-shocked by Donad Trump's stunning election win.

"This terrible feeling you're having right now? It's not permanent," Biden explained. "It will be over in four years -- maybe 8. But, you know, there's an old saying in this family: life is like a grandfather clock."

"Exactly," Colbert chimed in. "Life is like a grandfather clock-- maybe the pendulum has swung to one side but it the swing back to the other."

"Point is, you should probably get a newer clock," Biden added. "Or better yet, just look at your phone."

Biden offered with some timely advice saying,"Any job worth doing is worth doing well," with Colbert taking the cue and referencing Trump without mentioning his name.

"Okay, you have to always do your best to mow the lawn," Colbert remarked. "It doesn't matter that somebody else is about to get the job of mowing the lawn after you even though, as far as you can tell, that person has never touched a lawnmower in his life."

"Look, look, look, kid, it doesn't matter who is mowing it," Biden said. "The point is this is the greatest lawn in the world, and no matter our differences, we're all responsible for its upkeep. And I've got to believe that in their heart, the next mower is going to do the best they can to make sure that lawn, that everyone feels safe to have a picnic on it."

"That's a beautiful metaphor," Colbert added.

"Metaphor?" Biden replied. "I'm talk about actually mowing the lawn."

Watch the video below via CBS: