Watch SNL's Hillary Clinton woo a Trump elector in brilliant 'Love Actually' parody
SNL cast member Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton -- via NBC

In a clever update of the most famous scene in the popular holiday ensemble film, "Love Actually," SNL's Hillary Clinton shows up on a Trump elector's doorstep on Christmas Eve and attempts to convince her to not vote for Trump.

Whereas in the film, Andrew Lincoln professes his love for Keira Knightley via flip-cards, Saturday Night Live cast member Kate McKinnon's Hillary makes her plea to avoid Trump at all costs by pointing out, "But bish, he cray."

In a series of cards, Clinton adds, "Look, I know I lost the election ... And we may never know why ... **cough** ... Russia," before advising, "You don't even have to vote for me ... Just vote literally for anyone else ... Like John Kasich ... Tom Hanks ...The Rock ...A rock."

We won't spoil the ending for you and you can watch below via NBC