Watch Stephen Colbert's hilarious -- and fake -- interview with President-elect Trump
Donald Trump and Stephen Colbert -- CBS screenshot

Stephen Colbert's Monday night Late Show opened with an announcement from CBS that the late night comedian had scored an "exclusive interview" with Donald Trump.

As you might have suspected, no such thing happened with president-elect who is skipping press conferences and only meeting with friendly interviewers -- by which we mean: Fox News personalities.

Instead Colbert treated viewers to himself asking Trump questions interspersed with clips of Trump speaking in those same  Fox News interviews.

With Trump saying of his surprise victory, " We had many people saying one of the great victories of all time," Colbert asked, "Can you name one of those many people?"

"My children," pre-recorded Trump replied.

"Anybody who's not you or your family who believes this was a landslide victory?" Colbert asked.

"it could be somebody sitting in a bed some place," Trump said -- from a interview where Trump denied Russian involvement in his campaign by hackers.

Watch the video below via CBS: