WATCH: 'Weekend Update' pounds the 'crazy' people who get their fake news on 4chan and Reddit
Michael Che and Cecily Strong -- SNL screengrab

On Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update, host Michael Che welcomed cast member Cecily Strong as "Cathy Anne," a somewhat unbalanced woman who still had enough sense to mock people who fall for fake news on the internet.

Addressing the North Carolina man who shot up a D.C.-area area pizzeria after reading online conspiracy theories about a pedophilia ring operating out of a non-existent basement, Strong said, "Do you believe that idiot ran into that pizza shop with a gun and he didn't leave with no money and no pizza?"

"He wasn't try to rob it, he thought he was breaking up a pedophile ring," Che replied.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. The fake news," she shot back. "Whatever happened to journalistic degegrity (sic)? We can all agree we got a S-H-I-ton of crazy people in this country, right? Crazy people don't need no fake news to get them going, and I can say that because I been one of them, okay? People like me do not need to be encouraged on 4chan and Reddit."

As an added bonus -- tweaking the thin-skinned Trump who obsesses over how he is portrayed on SNL -- Strong said the president-elect needs to get off the internet, adding, "I know he's watching," which brought howls of laughter from the audience.

Watch the video below via NBC: