'We report factual or otherwise': Morning Joe host makes frightening Freudian slip
Willie Geist appears on MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' (screen grab)

A slip of the tongue on Tuesday by MSNBC host Willie Geist may have revealed why some viewers have little faith in the media's ability to discern so-called "fake news" from "factual" news.

During a discussion on MSNBC's Morning Joe Geist suggested that even though the show reported both facts and non-facts, it still could not please supporters of President-elect Donald Trump.

Media critic Jason Rosen pointed out that Trump had conditioned his supporters to "mistrust, hate everything the press does."

"And the scenes at his rallies over the course of the campaign show that," Rosen noted.

Geist agreed: "He's set the press up, not just as a foil or a straw man, but as the enemy."

"And so now we're in a position where anything we might report, factual or otherwise," the MSNBC host said before quickly revising the phrase to omit "otherwise."

"Factual -- is seen as a message coming from the enemy," Geist opined. "And is something that is not to be taken seriously or believed because 'they're out to get us.'"

Watch the video below from MSNBC, broadcast Dec. 15, 2016.