'Amen!': Sean Hannity moronically agrees with 'MAKE RUSSIA GREAT AGAIN' joke tweet -- then deletes it
Fox News host Sean Hannity (screen grab)

Fox News host Sean Hannity sent a tweet on Sunday agreeing with a Twitter user who jokingly said the U.S. should "make Russia great again."

As internet users quickly began to point and laugh at his mistake, Hannity deleted the tweet.

However, CNN's Brian Stelter took a screen capture of the tweet before Hannity could backtrack.

Twitter user Donnie L'il Hands -- which should have been Hannity's first clue the tweet was satirical -- tweeted to Hannity, "YES! All Americans must join together to MAKE RUSSIA GREAT AGAIN. Teamwork!! #MRGA"

"Amen!" replied Hannity, who has been accused by critics of being Trump's patsy in the media, a blazingly uncritical fluffer of the Republican President-elect's fragile ego.

Last week, Hannity traveled to the Ecuadoran embassy in London to conduct a fawning interview with WikiLeaks founder and international fugitive Julian Assange.

In 2010, Hannity said that Assange was personally waging a war against the U.S. and called for his imprisonment.