Ana Navarro slams Trump's cabinet picks: DeVos sounded like she was 'dropped on her head as a baby'
CNN panel (Photo: Screen capture)

A CNN panel devolved into a shouting match on Thursday night when Donald Trump supporters Paris Dennard and Jeffrey Lord clashed with Ana Navarro and Van Jones on Trump's white cabinet.

Lord quoted Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s sound byte that it should not be about the color of one's skin but about their character.

However, Jones took issue with it, saying that Lord and many others take Dr. King out of context and that Dr. King wrote extensively about his support for affirmative action. Jones argued that frequently in his career he encounters a young person "with tattoos and she's a lesbian," who brings new perspectives to issues. He and Navarro explained that people's backgrounds and experiences bring new ideas.

Navarro noted that no president since before Ronald Reagan has lacked a Latino in his cabinet. She cited the many Latino members of Republican cabinets and explained that it isn't a Republican issue, "this is a Donald Trump issue."

"I think there is a split in the Republican Party," Jones said to Navarro. "There are people like yourself and others have a nuanced view but people have taken up residence in your party that make the point that Jeff makes every time that we're just somehow coloring by numbers and our points aren't valid."

Dennard argued that Trump will fill the 4,000 positions with the most qualified people not by color.

Navarro called out the implication that there aren't qualified people of color.

"OK, you're going to tell me that Ben Carson is the best person with an understanding on housing in the United States of America?" Navarro asked. "You're going to tell me Betsy DeVos, whose hearing felt like she was dropped on her head when she was a baby, has got the best understanding of education in the United States of America?"

That's when Dennard began shouting and Navarro shouted back.

Watch the exchange below: