Anti-abortion activist arrested for making terrorist bomb threat against St. Louis Planned Parenthood
John Ryan mugshot -- KTVI

A prominent anti-choice activist is facing felony charges for making a terrorist threat against a St. Louis Planned Parenthood, reports KTVI.

According to City of St. Louis prosecutors, John P. Ryan, 64, made bomb threats against the facility forcing it to be evacuated and police to be called on Saturday.

Ryan is described as a member of the anti-choice group Defenders of the Unborn, and is regularly seen protesting outside the clinic.

According to the director of Defenders of the Unborn, Mary Maschmeier, the charges against Ryan are "bogus" and "trumped up," and he never told a Planned Parenthood worker he placed bombs in the building.

Maschmeier, who posted $1,500 bond to get Ryan released, claimed the arrest was "traumatic" for the man and damaged his reputation.

Watch video of Ryan being taken into custody below via Maschmeier's Facebook page.