Facebook users destroy Tomi Lahren's rant about women’s march: All you do ‘is whine and shout'
Tomi Lahren (Facebook)

Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren denounced the nationwide women's march protesting the inauguration of Donald Trump -- and quite a few of her Facebook followers pointed out the irony.

The social media celebrity -- who's known for her viral rants -- called the millions of demonstrators "snowflakes" who were "playing the victim card" and "whining about the election."

"It's not just the marchers -- it's the feminist movement and, really, the collective left who preach tolerance and understanding, but only for those people and issues they believe in," Lahren said. "Meanwhile, they point fingers at Trump or Trump supporters and label us all bigots with their cardboard signs and their hashtags and their exclusive moral high ground we're just not good enough to stand on. Well, bull."

Her broad dismissal was met with skepticism by social media users who pointed out how Lahren makes her living.

"Kind of ironic you'd call them snowflakes and complain that theyre cry baby's when your entire show is literally about complaining (sic)," said Facebook user Ben Loud.

"(You're) the biggest 'snow flake' of them all," posted Kristine Catalano. "Literally, the entire premise of her show is to complain and cry about every thing the other side says or does."

"If you are going to discredit the march because you think it's hypocritical ... well, you telling people to get over it makes your side hypocritical," posted Josh Ferreira. "I hope you realize that 'Make America Great Again' like 'Hope and Change' is an idea and not a plan."

"I accept and understand that Donald Trump is our president; but that does not mean I must agree with what he says or his policies, or even respect HIM as a person," said Kennedy Teel.

"I'd love to understand your view, and be in agreement but the more I watch you the more I (truly) believe you are just a puppet," wrote Nehemiah Haynes III. "I don't even believe you were so against this peaceful gathering of wonderful women. The more I try to give you a chance the more I believe you have found an audience that you've learned to push the buttons of just to further your career."

"It's alarmingly easy to yell at hypothetical people when you're by yourself doing a monologue," posted Bill O'Connor. "Yelling at hypothetical people without letting them have space is, well, sort of childish in my opinion."

"What positive messages (does) Tomi provide to young girls?" wrote Maddy Deschamps. "If millions of peaceful protesters marching to ensure that their voices were heard in American politics aren't an example, than what is?"

"This woman is the biggest 'snowflake' of them all," said Hunter Henrickson. "All she does is whine when she disagrees and shout at people who do things that don't line up with her narrow idea of our country."