GOP lawmaker deletes Twitter account after mocking anti-Trump protesters with p*ssy retweet
Nebraska State Senator Bill Kinter (Facebook)

Nebraska State Sen. Bill Kintner has suspended his Twitter account after backlash to a retweet making light of sexual assault, reports

On Saturday, the Republican senator endorsed the following sentiment by retweeting a joke by Larry Elder, a radio personality.

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Kintner's retweet drew condemnation from Twitter and reportedly there were outraged calls to his office.

"(F)rom a victim in NE, sexual harassment and assault aren't a joke. I hope no women near you ever experiences either," one person responded to the tweet, according to the Lincoln Journal Star. Kintner replied, "I hope no women experiences harassment or assault either."

As the Star notes, this isn't Kintner's first questionable use of technology: the senator was reportedly punished with a fine for using a government computer for cybersex.