'It's like we're living in an alternative universe': Angela Rye blasts Trump's 'alternative facts'
Angela Rye (Photo: Screen capture)

CNN political commentator Angela Rye was floored over the weekend by the new incoming administration's argument inflating their crowd size when it was factually inaccurate.

"I definitely would not think that we should advise Donald Trump to pursue any of the courses of action that he or his team pursued over the course of the weekend," Rye said. She also recalled Kellyanne Conway's use of the phrase "alternative facts," saying "Which, at one point, used to just be lies."

She concluded she wasn't sure if Democrats should even engage with someone who "is still very much trying to find their way, even find their way to the truth."

Rye noted that the phrase "alternative facts" could very easily be the key description of the entire Trump for President campaign.

"Alternative facts was, in many ways, how they ran it," she continued. "It's like we were living in an alternative universe. I hate to continue to use this word, but there was also this tie into the alt-right, which we also know is just plain white supremacy. There's a consistent theme of alternative everything. I don't think we're wrong to question them on representations of the truth."

Rye also noted that she'd never heard of "crowd-scientists," the specialists who calculate the numbers of people at large events. She explained that until the Trump administration puts forth their own scientists we should probably go with what the experts calculated.

"They say in basketball, 'ball don't lie,' well numbers don't lie," Rye said.

Former Donald Trump senior adviser Ed Brookover was also on the panel and continued to deny the accuracy of crowd-scientists, who determined the numbers of each of the women's march events as well as the inauguration.

Watch the full exchange below: