It's 'taken worry away': Trump voter says he hopes Trump doesn't take away his Obamacare
Trump voter Bob Ruscoe tells CNN he hopes Trump doesn't kill Obamacare (Screen cap).

Given that well over 60 million people voted for Donald Trump in 2016, it stands to reason that some of those voters are also people who benefit from Obamacare.

On such voter is Bob Ruscoe, who tells CNN that he hopes Trump really thinks carefully before ripping away health insurance from the tens of millions of people who now get their health insurance through the Affordable Care Act.

"We'll have to see what pans out," he said. "It may not be totally repealed. It may be something else. I hope something will remain in place."

For many years, Ruscoe could not obtain any form of health insurance because insurers were scared off by his weight, which at one point topped 300 pounds.

Once Obamacare went live in 2014, however, Ruscoe said he could get an affordable plan for him and his wife that cost $338 per month, whereas without Obamacare he'd have to spend $1,150 for the same plan.


So given that he has directly benefited from the program, why did he vote for someone who vowed to repeal it? According to Ruscoe, he believed that Trump would have been better for the country overall because he'd help boost economic growth.

"I did what I thought was correct for the overall good of the country," he tells CNN. "I think economic strength cures a lot of things."

Nonetheless, he says that "the health care act has taken worry away" about his medical problems, and he hopes Trump finds some way to keep something similar in place.

Check out the full video interview of Ruscoe below.